Fred Astaire

Deleted scene from Second Chorus

Me and the Ghost Upstairs (deleted scene from Second Chorus)

Hermes Pan, shrouded in a sheet creeps up on Astaire and begins to mimic him. The two then dance a riotous number involving Lindy lifts and jitterbugging. The only number involving Astaire and Pan - possibly the most important choreographic collaboration in the history of filmed dance - was cut from the final film, but is currently included in some regional DVD versions of the film. It is not really up to Astaire's usual standard, and this, combined with the fact that the figure under the shroud is obviously male, and is also obviously wearing women's high heels, may have strengthened the editor's hand. Hermes Pan regularly featured this footage in his lectures, a practice which has helped ensure its survival
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Fred Astaire

Fred Astaire - Radio Interview - (1968)

On August 31, 1968 Joel Reisner and I conducted a radio interview with Fred Astaire at his home in Beverly Hills. The resulting two hour program, including music from some of Mr. Astaire's movies, was first broadcast on KPFK Radio in Los Angeles on Sept. 21, 1968

Upon arriving at Mr. Astaire's home to conduct the interview he greeted us at the door and modestly, but quite seriously, told us that he really didn't think he had much to talk about.

As these files will reveal, Mr. Astaire had quite a lot to talk about. Throughout our visit he was charming, cordial, elegant, relaxed, friendly, articulate and knowledgeable. In short he was everything you would expect of Fred Astaire and more.

I don't know of another existing audio interview with Mr. Astaire that is this extensive and far ranging. I am posting our conversation with Mr. Astaire for scholars, students, film buffs, admirers and anyone else interested in sharing this time with one of the great artists of the twentieth century.

I do apologize for some of the sound quality. The station for whom we conducted the interview is a publically supported station. The recording equipment we used was not exactly state of the art, even for its time.

The program has been broken up in to 14 mp3 files for easier downloading.

Thank you for visiting this page and enjoy your time with Fred Astaire.

Bruce Kane

Download or Listen Here:
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Daddy Long Legs

Just a post to admire how devine Fred is in this movie.
I must admit, to a young girl, he is the upmost!
I can completely fall for him as an older, mature and loving man, just as she does!

Any other girls want to join in and discuss he's loveliness in this film? ;)

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