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Vid: "Identical Snowflakes"

Title: Identical Snowflakes
Artist: Hem
Length: 2:46
Fandom: Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers films
Summary: We were cut from the same paper / that was folded long ago / so let all the other snowflakes turn to snow.

Streaming and download link at my journal.

Roberta Full Movie

Second Chorus Full Movie

Fred and Ginger on Tumblr!

If anyone's still around, I've opened a F*ck Yeah, Fred and Ginger tumblr! Come on down, visit, gawk, add your own favorite F&G photos.

Hello. Sorry if I can't post this here, please feel free to delete it.
I must write an esay on The Golden age of the American musicals: from the thirties to the fifties. I'll need some articles (scanned and more or less recent) as sources for my work. Do you know where I could find them?

Mais Que Nada: A Mix for Fred and Ginger

Hola, fellow Fred and Ginger enthusiasts! I've made a mix of music that I would love to have seen Fred and Ginger dance to, as well as some songs that describe their relationship.

There's a lot of Latin music on here. Why did they never do a rumba or salsa? Oh, that's right, because they would have set the screen on fire.


1. mais que nada : sergio mendes ft. the black eyed peas
2. salsa : yuri buenaventura
3. dynamite : taio cruz
4. salsa rai : cheb mami & yuri buenaventura
5. everything : michael buble
6. when you gonna give it up to me : sean paul ft. keyshia cole
7. salsa de noche : gypsy kings
8. save the last dance for me : michael buble
9. come on get higher  : matt nathanson
10. lucky : jason mraz & colbie caillat
11. stray italian greyhound : vienna teng
12. you & i : ingrid michaelson

Those of you with access to instant Netflix via computer, Wii, XBOX, PS3 or other compatible DVD players/TVs are in luck. You can now watch 2 otherwise unavailable Astaire films "The Pleasure of His Company" and "Let's Dance". I was shocked when they popped up on my instant queue considering they'd been on the "saved" list with unannounced release dates for 4 years. Let's hope Netflix and Hulu keep up providing access to otherwise out-of-print classic films. :)

Fred and Rita

I love this picture ♥


I saw part of this PBS documentary hosted by Audrey Hepburn years ago. I think it might have included behind the scenes homemovies from the filming of "Slap that Bass" it may have also included clips of Fred with Adele. I'm just wondering if anybody has a copy and can post it or knows where one can buy it.